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Posted on Jun 16, 2010
Name: Charley M. Salthammer
Website: Visit
I love this band I come to germany even see them on the amphi!!!!!
Posted on Jun 8, 2010
Name: Chris Rolli
That would be Sarasota or Ft.Myers Flordia
Posted on Jun 8, 2010
Name: Chris Rolli
Just wondering if you all would consider coming to Sarasota or Ft.Meyers for a concert any time soon.
Posted on Jun 7, 2010
Name: Michele W.
I saw you guys and gals in Tulsa, OK, in '08: you gave the best performance I've ever seen from any band in my life! I just wanted to thank CXS for your amazing music and for being so awesome! I also want to offer my condolences on the theft of your stuff. Love, Michele
Posted on May 28, 2010
Name: Mel
Evening! How mystifying life is! To be brought back to a great band who only had one song in my iPod. Ah, still love Love/Tragedy! May the heavens forever hold you within its sight and bless you every night.
Posted on May 28, 2010
Name: Mel
Evening! How mystifying life is! To be brought back to a great band who only had one song in my iPod. Ah, still love Love/Tragedy! May the heavens forever hold you within its sight and bless you every night.
Posted on May 6, 2010
Name: Tiffany Crane
Hey Rogue, please contact me...I want to give you info on an upcoming event!

Posted on May 4, 2010
Name: Anica
Website: Visit
Yes, it's me, Anika. (Though only Rogue and Jessica may remember their silly old fan from earlier days...) Just had a really overwhelming wish to meet with you again- and looked on your webpage for new tour-dates. And there I read of your bad luck. What a bloody mess!
I really hope they find those bastards. My thoughts are with you and I really wish to meet with you again this year!
My best wishes from Germany,
le fish
Posted on Apr 14, 2010
Name: Chris Rolli
Hope your move goes smooth.
Posted on Apr 10, 2010
Name: Charley M. Salthammer
Website: Visit
see you then at amphi festival
in europe!!!
Posted on Apr 8, 2010
Name: Louis Smith
Website: Visit
I'm so glad that M'Lady Rebecca introduced me to Rogue and CruxShadows...having been a roady (many years ago) I have a great love of music - and now thanks to Rogue I have a new genre to love! THANK YOU FOR YOUR MUSIC!!! Best Wishes for a great future!
Posted on Apr 7, 2010
Name: Tarn
Best wishes from a new zealand fan.
Posted on Apr 5, 2010
Name: Sibylle
Hi, I really love the song "Bloodline" but I can`t find anyone in Germany who still sells the cd Night crawls in. Could you please tell me where I can get it or if it isn´t available at all any more?

Posted on Mar 29, 2010
Name: laura
love your musik and your live performances :) and of course, love your new website ;)

take care!

hope to see you soon here in germany!
Posted on Mar 24, 2010
Name: Taylor
I just found out about the cruxshadows a couple days ago... I was watching a chicago channel that's half japanese half u.s programming, and they were playing music videos from all over the world on some seattle tv show. I'll definitely be recommending the cruxshadows to all my friends in Northwest Indiana! Come play somewhere around Chicago Metro sometime soon!
Posted on Mar 20, 2010
Name: PIN_H34D
it sux you guys are only playing in the us for D Con and the cruze, im in TN and unable to afford those, i remember when you guys playd in heathers hideaway in johnson city, and in atlanta, best concerts i ever been to... its a shame....:(
Posted on Mar 20, 2010
Name: mandem
Website: Visit
We love the new and improved grungy-texture design of the website! <3
Posted on Mar 14, 2010
Name: Sylvia
what happened to Rogue? Our speaking angel...

A fan from Portugal
Posted on Feb 24, 2010
Name: Rockin Ray
New site looks great! cant wait to see you guys in the fall at dragoncon and on the gothic cruise! :)
Posted on Feb 24, 2010
Name: Molly Pisocki
Website: Visit
I love your music!!! And I can't wait until you play somewhere around Topeka (KS)!!!
Live, Love, Be, Believe
Molly :D ♫
Posted on Feb 24, 2010
Name: Jacob Klünder
New website looks good. I am hoping you guys make it to Denmark this year - otherwise, I'll just have to go to Germany. Dragon*Con simply isn't enough. *S*
Love you guys!
Posted on Feb 24, 2010
Name: Betzi
awwwwwww This page is fantastic !! Miss you guys!! See you on Amphi Festival in Europe .. cant wait!! huggles
Posted on Feb 24, 2010
Name: Dante
Whoa! This is fantastic! I'm gonna forward the link to all my friends, they're gonna freak out. I love you guys, can't wait to see you at Dragon con, and if all goes well, we might have something special to share! ^.^
Posted on Feb 23, 2010
Name: Kelly
I love the new website and I miss you guys like crazy. I need to see you guys and rejuvenate my soul!
Posted on Feb 23, 2010
Name: ravenslament
Website: Visit
hi all , hope all is well hope the recent setback doesn't take to long to rectify . hope to see the band back on the road and in the studio again soon . until you visit ne england again , have faith and believe .

Posted on February 14, 2010
Name: Winterborn
can\'t wait for your next tour. hope to see you here in Camp Pendleton. we\'re still waiting for that USO show.
Posted on February 10, 2010
Name: Robert
Just wanted to say that I caught one of your shows last year in London, And was blown away! I really enjoyed it. Going to come along and see you in Germany at the Amthi festival too!

My only problem is the difficulty in getting your albums on CD in the UK! Usually 1.5 times the price if not doubled. Still worth it though ;-)

Keep up the great work...
Posted on January 28, 2010
Name: Sacred
I\'d like to thank you guys, your music helped me through some tough times, we don\'t get to hear much of you guys on the west coast but i do try to pass on the music where ever i am, thanks.
Posted on January 27, 2010
Name: Carl
Hi guys, when are you going to get you stuff up on we7.com?

Like spotify but in a regular browser so I could listen at work and buy tracks as and when I feel the urge.
Thanks for the good times, sorry about your bad luck.
Posted on January 24, 2010
Name: Gås
I, too, would like to send my best wishes for you, after what happened. The human animal truly is a beautiful but also terrible creature. :/

Regards from Gås, Sweden
Posted on January 24, 2010
Name: Gås
I, too, would like to send my best wishes for you, after what happened. The human animal truly is a beautiful but also terrible creature. :/

Regards from Gås, Sweden
Posted on January 24, 2010
Name: Avenue d\'Electronique
Website: Visit
I have read in the Internet of the occurrence. It cannot be thought that there are people again and again who must destroy the dream in life of others. I wish you all best. Yours sincerely from Germany.

(Avenue d\'Electronique)
Posted on January 22, 2010
Name: Barry Buchter
Rogue, I am sorry to hear about your misfortune. I was just in new york yesterday (i live in pennsylvania) and I could not believe just how bad the streets were. I hope you recover from this, and I will keep you and all of cruxshadows in my thoughts. If you need something and I can help, please feel free to ask. I cant do much monetarily because I am currently laid off. But if there is anyway i can help, just keep me in mind!!! LOVE YOU GUYS!!
Posted on January 16, 2010
Name: GiGeR
Website: Visit
Dark greetings from GIGERSCHATTEN!

GIGERSCHATTEN is THE PORTAL for the Gothic and Industrial Culture!
Posted on January 15, 2010
Name: Adrienne
wow...I can\'t believe someone would do that. I\'m so sorry for you guys :( All will be well though, I believe it. You all will overcome this and be stronger. Nothing can hold you all back.
Posted on January 14, 2010
Name: Marlene
I\'m not sure what to say but what those people did was very wrong and evil. You guys are my idols ever since i heard Deception I can\'t stop hearing you guys. :) Come to Los Angeles California sometime please haven\'t had the chance to see you yet :)
Marlene :)
Posted on January 12, 2010
Name: Danny Maruschka
We both were shocked after reading the new news:(. Why are there so many mean people in this world? But we\'re glad that nothing happened to yourselves. Hope the plans can continue for the american concerts and for amphi festival.

With love,

Maruschka Danny
Posted on January 11, 2010
Name: Cassandra
omg. i cant believe somebody/somebodys would do that to you. im so sorry. you have many fans out there that will be willing to help out including me. i know we cant help replace the irreplaceables but it is material items you can eventually get back. CXS can and will prevail through any tough times, i believe in you. take care and know your fans are loyal now and always will be. ~love Cassandra (from san antonio texas)
Posted on December 25, 2009
Name: Sebastian
Come to Copenhagen (DK) or Malmoe (SWE) NOW!!! O___O
Posted on December 22, 2009
Name: Sebastian Stefanie
Hi guys, we already told Rogue our little story after the great concert in Hannover tonight. The first time we saw The Crüxshadows live on stage was in summer 2001 in small town in the middel of nowhere somewhere in Germany. But that was not only the first time we met with The Crüxshadows, but also the first time Stefanie and I kissed. So The Crüxshadows played an important role in our life because we got married this year. That is why the concert this year was so special for us. Thanks for - maybe - being the reason why we kissed and fell in love with each other!

And a special thanks to Rogue for dancing with me tonight (and thanks for nine years of great concerts and festivals where we had always a great time). Have a great Christmas and a save trip home!

See you next year

Stefanie and Sebastian
Posted on December 21, 2009
Name: Graf Koks
THANK YOU for the concert in Erfurt/Germany. It was a plaesure to see you on stage.
Posted on December 15, 2009
Name: mary
Curious if United States Boston area is anywhere in the future for playing? Saw you twice and would love to again
Posted on December 14, 2009
Name: Sulu
I looked up you guys after reading John Ringo\'s novel Ghost, which referenced the song Winterborn. I\'ve been hooked ever since.
Posted on December 12, 2009
Name: Gabriella
Dear Cruxshadows,
yesterday all the romans were to...leaving for Florence :)
Anyway, thank you for the show, you did it great!it was the first time to see you live, and surely I will go to see you again!
Dear Rogue, you are really a gentle person !(I don\'t know if my translation is correct) thank you for signing my cd and your kindness.
P.S. your hotel was haunted ??? I want the address!

Posted on December 8, 2009
Name: Danny
at Ezra Donkers: check Bio

I hope that Cassandra is feeling a bit better after a day off. Even when feeling a little bit sick she played amazing. A big compliment for her.

Saw the new video, indeed a beauty.

I hope I can make it on the 16th to Aachen, I think I can but it depends on my work..

Sorry for my english I am not used to write in english.

See you soon (I hope)
Posted on December 7, 2009
Name: Ezra Donkers
Also many gratz on the
Posted on December 7, 2009
Name: Ezra Donkers
Also many gratz on the
Posted on December 7, 2009
Name: Ezra Donkers
Hello Crüxshadows,

Thanks so much for coming to Rotterdam last Sunday. Your show was amazing (and the technical problem was not noticable, \'least not to me). I\'m actually really happy I didn\'t manage to get tickets for Rammstein. Me and my girlfriend (the girl Rogue and JoHanna dragged on stage together) had an amazing time. Thanks again!

Your new site is looking healthy! Congratulations with it.
The only thing I can\'t seem to find is the section with former CXS members. Is that coming online again some time soon?

Furthermore I\'d like to congratulate you with the beautiful new sound of both Immortal and Quicksilver. It proves you are still seeking out those new levels. I\'m really looking forward to the new album.
Also many gratz on the
Posted on December 5, 2009
Name: Kieran Peat
Awesome gig at moho\'s manchester ! Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves as much as we did
Posted on December 4, 2009
Name: Wayne Edwards
Hey guys I\'m turning 49 next April and I stumbled on your site - I am VERY impressed. I enjoyed the music, gonna have to buy some CDs at Hot Topic. Keep up the good work kids.
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